We harness artificial intelligence, big data technology and neuroscience to improve learning outcomes
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CENTURY  is a platform for school improvement, it is designed to help with personalised learning, adaptive assessment, tracking & insights and targeting interventions.

CENTURY has developed its advanced technology platform with teachers and students with overwhelmingly positive results.

Depending on who you are, CENTURY will allow you to:



  • Track each  students’ progress and achievements and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Access other teacher-created resources in English, maths and science or allow teachers to upload their own.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on marking, planning, managing homework and creating data reports



  • Personalised learning recommendations, so you know the best thing for you to study next
  • Personalised messages based on how your brain learns, your effort levels and achievement
  • Instant feedback, so improvements beyond the classroom can be made

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  1. Century has impressed us over the last few months

    Century has been working for us very well over the past few months. The main things that have worked well are the fact that it learns the students behaviour and what they learn best with. Different students learn through different mediums and Century lets us accommodate that easily, without adding to the workload of the teacher.

    We are giving feedback to the company about making sure that the students responses are correct even though they might put a different character in or include the units by mistake

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