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Smart timetabling saves your school time and money
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A smart timetabling solution to help school match students, teachers and rooms together in minutes.

Edval’s intelligent algorithm allows untrained timetablers to create timetables in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Schools recommend Edval for the following impacts:

    • More students get more of their options leading to higher enrollments  and higher incomes
    • Rapid timetable development allows the modelling of multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios which makes flexible working, part-time employment and job sharing much easier to facilitate
    • Timetabling no longer relies on one highly trained timetabler. This removes political bias in timetabling and can help spread the workload out.
    • Reducing the number of split classes gives students a consistent teacher for each subject and reduces the number of students that each individual teacher has to work with.

Case Studies and Video Testimonials:


Neil Williams, Deputy Headteacher of Teesdale School, explains the impact that Edval has had on their school in the below video case study.

“On my first day training with Edval I managed to produce a full timetable. A process that would normally take several weeks”


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