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A free GCSE homework and revision platform accelerated by neuroscience. Learn better, faster, free.
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Seneca’s Accelerated Learning System helps students learn 2x faster.

The system was designed with input from neuroscientists at Oxford, Cambridge and UCL. It is a revision and homework platform that aims to improve students’ understanding, memory and

We trialled the platform on 1,120 students, and those using it performed twice as well as peers using other revision techniques. It is GCSE level with exam-board specific content written by senior examiners. The GCSE Accelerated Learning System is completely free for all schools and


Accelerated by Neuroscience


The platform uses a range of different techniques, such as active retrieval, spaced learning and contextual variation, to enhance students’ learning and revision. It is highly engaging and constantly tests the students.


“I am really impressed with this. It is fantastic and in the current climate of tight budgets it is so helpful that someone is supporting us for free.”

– Dawn Johnson (Head of year 11, Sandymoors School)


“I really like it. I think that students would get a lot of confidence from using it. It is really quick and I love that it automatically checks the answers. The chunks are very short too, which will be very useful.”

– Helen Rogerson (Head of Science and Head of Upper School (KS4) at Westonbirt
School, Gloucestershire)


“It is perhaps the best resource I’ve ever used at GCSE it’s honestly a Godsend! After using it for 1 day I feel like I know more than I could previously learn in a week!”

– H Coveney (GCSE student)

“Seneca is so good! Lovely layout and clearly explained. Definitely worth using! :)”

– @iactuallyrevised on instagram


You can sign up by visiting and if you have any
questions, email us at

9 reviews

  1. great easy to revise from


    I Love Seneca. It really has helped with my revision. wish I found it sooner instead of in the first week of my exams.

  3. Have barely revised and my exams start this week, BIGGEST LIFESAVER EVER!!!!!!!

  4. One of the most engaging reasources I have ever tried!

  5. Great layout, clearly explained.


    It’s honestly so good. Glad my teacher told us about this. As someone who is very rarely home carrying around thousands of textbooks just isn’t an option. I don’t have stacks of free time so the short activity times are amazing. The information is super condensed but nothing is lost. Originally, the site didn’t have all the classes I needed but – with the exception of some lit texts – it has everything most students will need.

  7. Fantastic.

    Engaging and actually motivating to keep those circles filled. Great for revision and totally free unlike SAM, Doddle, educake etc.

    Love it.

  8. amazing

    so useful covers the whole course. I have 3 weeks till my exams and this is my first revision.This is going to save me

  9. Not so engaging

    There seems to be a lot of fluff around the basis of the neuroscience and methods as the system is like any other. Prefer SAM learning to this by a mile.

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