Wordshark is a major teaching resource used widely in schools. It combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell.
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Numbershark is a computer program to help anyone improve their understanding and use of numbers. The program teaches and reinforces numeracy using a wide variety of carefully designed games. There are over 600 topics to choose from.

The topics address each of the number operations + – x ÷ plus fractions, decimals and simple percentages, in very gradual steps. A section of graded word problems is included.
The topics are quick to access and clear examples are given on screen. Numbershark gives a fresh set of ‘sums’ each time a topic is selected.
Recommended games are given for every topic.
There is a fully graded course supporting the National Curriculum England, for numeracy KS1 and KS2.
The wide variety of games and options give many ways to practise the same work and to promote both the understanding and the memorising of number facts, whilst maintaining interest.
The games are excellent for use on an interactive whiteboard and children enjoy playing the games on the big screen. An on-screen keypad is provided with the program.
Under Help in the program there are links to tutorials (as per below), as well as access to the pdf manual. This same information can be accessed on the ‘Using Numbershark’ page of this website, with bite-size pdfs on Numbershark. Within the program, there is also on-screen help for every game as well as pop-up teaching notes.

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